Our clients come from many different industries. From travel and hospitality to the finance sector, insurance companies, energy, heavy industry and many more. Our team of business analysists and product owners can help transform any business and keep it on the edge of technology.


Six questions a CEO should answer before purchasing a reserv...

Simple to search, book and pay, always accessible and higher occupancy: a reservation platform ensures higher turnover and lower administrative costs. As long a...

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Who we are

Typeqast is a creative technology company dedicated to building relevant digital products for your business. As a partner to our clients, we help businesses update or improve existing products in response to new opportunities and evolving market needs. Our teams work remotely and provide the best-in-class methods in agile software development.

How we work

Digital transformation services make our partners move faster than the competition. Unlocking business growth for fast-paced and ambitious companies that don't want to waste time and money.