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Focus points for digital transformation

Sep 2, 2019

The digital transformation is real. Your business is probably preparing for the transformation, in transition or has already automated a lot of processes.

According to Gartner, all businesses have digitalization in the top 10 of their business goals. RPA, AI, IoT, and working in the cloud are, nowadays, all well-known concepts.

With so many digital intentions, it is time to take a closer look at the key focus points to make the digital transformation in your company a success. It might sound contradictory but the focus on people is very important here. In this article, we, therefore, explain 5 focus points for digital transformation, focussed on the people.

Focus on customers and employees

As we have explained in our article about transferring your business to the cloud, your business must be ready for digital transformation. Changing the IT infrastructure can be done by hiring an external partner. But do not forget that when this is complete, the most important part is yet to come.

Everyone in the company needs to be able to work with these new processes, cloud applications, and IT solutions. But it is not only the employees that need to be ready. The focus also lies on the customers. It is the close relationship between both good employee and customer experience that forms the foundation of a successful digital transformation in your company.

Focus point 1: Employee skills

To successfully digitize your business it is important to have some in house knowledge about the cloud and the platforms your business is going to be hosted on. Like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. Also, if some of your processes are going to be digitized, you will want to have your employees trained on this. Since their daily work is going to be influenced by this, hopefully making their work easier by digitizing certain processes.

For most IT solutions and cloud services, there are a bunch of tutorials online which you can share with your employees. In some cases, it is recommended to provide extra training or workshops within your company, so everyone feels ready for the transition.

Focus point 2: Employee time

During the digital transformation of your business, your employees could feel uncertain about the skills they yet have to learn and the extra time they need for this on top of the daily tasks they already have. Getting used to certain systems, web applications, cloud solutions and getting informed about this in the first place and maybe even trained, all takes its time. This could cause more stress unless you create extra time and space for your employees to adapt to all of this.

According to tech journalist Andrew McAfee (Harvard Business Review), the digital transformation is comparable with the transition from steam to electricity. Make some extra time available in the calendars of your employees, during the transition. It is better to learn the new processes correctly from the start than to need twice as much time afterward, to correct everything that went wrong. Especially when there are customers involved.

Focus point 3: Employee experience

The digital transformation is an investment in which you need to involve your employees from the beginning until the end. This stimulates and motivates employees to get the best out of themselves. Not only from the time-point of view described above but also from the empowerment-point of view.

Employees given the possibility to give feedback about processes, changes, and during transitions feel valued and will, in turn, value the company more. Especially during an important happening as the digital transformation, this is an important focus point.

Focus point 4: Customer behavior

The digital transformation does not only mean digitizing the processes within the business. It also means digitizing the information of your customers’ behavior, analyzing this data, and getting the right information to improve customer satisfaction. Whether your customers are businesses or consumers, analyzing their behavior to improve your service is an important benefit and, therefore, focus point for digitalizing the business.

Customer behavior data can be used to improve processes, customer service, or closure of certain cases. In that case we are talking about mundane work. You can, however, also use this information to further digitize the processes like we will explain in the next focus point.

Focus point 5: Customer targeting

With this data about customer behavior, you can hire a DevOps team to even further digitize this process. Like sending targeted emails to people that visited certain pages on your website, or added something to their cart but did not complete the purchase. Businesses that commit to this use DevOps, DataOps and, DesignOps to optimize the process and create customer loyalty.

Conclusion: digital transformation according to Typeqast

At Typeqast we offer IT solutions. But we know that our services are not the complete business solution for digital transformation. We have helped many businesses in their transformation and know that it is not only the “what” that needs to be taken care of but also the “who”. In a digital transformation, it is important to not lose sight of the human touch and therefore we have described five focus points, summarized below.

  • Make sure your employees are skilled enough and feel confident enough for the digital transformation.
  • Empower your employees by giving them time to adjust to new processes, provide extra training.
  • Involve your employees in the transformation by informing them and make sure they are heard in case of important feedback.
  • Use the digital transformation to collect data about customer behavior to improve mundane processes.
  • Use the digital transformation to collect data about customer behavior to use automated targeting.

Are you looking for an IT partner to help you transform your business digitally, then you are at the right address at Typeqast. We have got agile teams full of highly qualified IT specialists to help you with this transition. With weekly or sometimes even daily contact we take care of the IT solutions and will make sure everything is implemented in your company smoothly. The only thing you need to focus on, are your employees and customers.

Please reach out to us for more information, we are happy to think along with you!