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Staying on top of the data-driven world

Aug 20, 2019

Long ago completely off the map but nowadays we can not think of the world without it: data. Consumers and companies can not escape it any longer. Smartphones, smart homes, smart cars: everything is connected. We are becoming walking, talking data-generating engines. And if you want your company to stay on top of the game, you have to take control of this technical revolution and develop solutions that use the data to your advantage. In this blog article, we will explain to you how to do so.

Impact and growth of data

The world is becoming more and more reliant on data. According to the global provider of market intelligence IDC, the amount of data collected by IoT devices will grow in 5 years between 28,7 and 60% depending on the branch you are in. This data can help your business grow enormously because of the insights it will get you about the needs and behavior of consumers and businesses.

Working with these large amounts of data requires a shift of storage. Where in the past a physical archive was sufficient, you will now need one in the cloud. And even the cloud storage needs to keep evolving to keep up with the fast-evolving data-driven world. Embedded data comes in from a broad range of origin points, like IoT sensors, cars, phones, smart home devices, chips, cards, cameras and more. The data that comes in can, therefore, be hard to interpret. So you will need a top-class IT cloud storage system and applications to store, interpret and convert the data into something useful. Because if you do not, your competitors will.

Moving to the cloud

If you want your business to compete in today’s data-driven world, the first important step is to move your data to the cloud. Migrating your company from an in house IT infrastructure to a private, public or hybrid cloud offers you countless possibilities in the data-driven world. You can now store the data and develop applications to convert this data to useful insights and to even perform automated tasks based on intelligence. Cloud storage is an agile method, nowadays required in every business that wants to stay on top of their game.

The process of moving to the cloud has, however, quite an impact. First of all, you need to have the knowledge and experience to execute such a large project. The fast-changing market keeps evolving and your company needs to be able to keep up. Therefore you might need to change the design and coding of certain solutions and applications. You need to have a closer look at all current IT solutions to see how they can become integrated into the cloud, big data and to make them more agile. For this, your company needs to become a cloud-native.

Staying on top

Not every company has the in house tech knowledge or the possibility to bring it on board. For these companies, a creative technology company like Typeqast offers a great solution. We offer solutions as your IT partner and help businesses update or improve existing products in response to new opportunities and ever-evolving market needs. We provide the best in class methods in agile software development.

This way, we help your business stay on top of the data-driven world. By staying on top you can keep ahead of your competition and offer the best solutions for your customers aligned with their needs and behavior. We first focus on understanding your business requirements before mapping out the project. In this second stage, we refine project scopes and create a timeline. We constantly deliver value and present working demos weekly or bi-weekly and keep everything up to date for years to come.

For example, Typeqast worked on further developing an application that was picked up on by the demanding market. This application was set up as a test but it soon became clear there was a high demand for it. Typeqast put a dedicated agile software development team on this project and created a React web app with a .NET scalable backend API running in AWS. Because of this, the app is now highly scalable and secure.

Advice at Typeqast

The first step to stay on top of this data-driven world we are in, is to migrate your business to the cloud. Take control of the data and develop agile development solutions. Most businesses are not IT experts themselves. To ahead of your competition, it is highly recommended to partner up with such a business. By partnering with Typeqast, your business stays on top of their IT game, guaranteed. Because this is our core business. This way, your business can continue to grow and focus on your own core. And we will take care of the IT solutions supporting your processes.

Would you like to know more about how you can upscale your IT solutions? We would be happy to help you further. Please contact us for advice or a free quote at