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ABOUT ARS ARS is a company specialized in traffic and transport technology. For more than 20 years, they offer traffic and transport technology solutions to international private and public clients in areas such as Parking, Traffic Management, Enforcement, and Marine Technology. One of their projects is SOSPES (Smart On-Street Parking Enforcement System) Permit. At the time of the collaboration with Typeqast, the project was in development for the city of Amsterdam and ARS was expanding it to the city of Antwerp.


ARS was developing the SOSPES Permit project to expand its business to the cities Amsterdam and Antwerp. The development team of ARS had to meet a deadline to deliver the back-office part of the SOSPES Permit project but were unable to do so in time. This would have resulted in losing their two big clients: Amsterdam and Antwerp. Missing this deadline would have consequences for the partnership with the clients and could eventually lead to a growth stop. The challenge was to meet this deadline and therefore ARS was looking for a development team outside of their company to get this done quickly and efficiently. BASEBOX


As a solution, Typeqast put together a highly skilled team consisting of 1 Project Lead, 4 back-end developers, 2 front-end developers, 1 QA analyst, and 1 DevOps engineer. After getting a good overview of the project requirements and planning a timeline, we started working closely together on the refinement of all the requirements. We started with Scrum but toward the end moved to the Kanban way of working, to adapt better to ARS’s way of communications and to the frequency they were adding changes to requirements. The Product Owner at ARS provided specifications and requirements and had a weekly demo/impediment meeting with the whole team to clarify any uncertainties. Also, the Project Lead at Typeqast checked all these requirements and gave suggestions and corrections to ARS. The project consists of the back-end part developed in .NET and is based on the REST API principles. The front-end part is developed in Angular. It is a desktop application that supports all the main browsers and their latest versions. The infrastructure is specified on ARS side but until delivery and integration with their system, we have used AWS on our environment.


As a result, ARS was able to deliver the back-end solution on time and keep their clients. The result went further than that. Not only could ARS continue to grow their SOSPES Permit project but they have also created a new, valuable partnership with Typeqast. ARS was very satisfied and impressed with the involvement of all team members and the speed of development. Based on their feedback, our cooperation will surely continue in the future. The partnership offers more potential business growth for ARS and being able to scale up in ways not thought possible with only their in house development team!


Unlike most other development teams, we offer more than just software development. This is what ARS recognized in Typeqast and the main reason to choose for a partnership. We treat all clients their projects like our own responsibility. We are only successful, if our clients are successful. We offer our suggestions on improvements, think a lot about cutting edge technology cases and possible problems that can occur. Clients really feel that we are working with them, not just for them, to develop the best possible product.