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BaseBox is an innovative, techy start-up with the goal of becoming an easy-to-use online service, that allows non-technical users to create data-driven applications and host them in the cloud. BaseBox holds the potential of growing to be a platform that is used worldwide because it’s cloud-hosted and addressing not only particular or niche problems, but a wider range.


First of all, our expert team in the Netherlands worked in collaboration with BaseBox to collect all the data necessary to get this project running. In this stadium, we always focus on the business requirements and goals and we set out clear lines on the scope and timeline. Re-phrasing current functionalities into solutions that are more aligned with UX best practices were part of this. With the goals aligned and an appointed project owner, our top-class engineers and designers were able to start building the application from scratch as the robust application with the potential for expansion. To reach that goal, a new architecture and public-facing APIs were a big part of the solution provided by Typeqast.


BaseBox started as a proof of concept, but soon gained the potential to grow worldwide. By the way it was designed, however, the app was not yet ready for this. BaseBox first had to be secure and ready for scaling. This is where the Typeqast experts came in. The challenge for them was to reach the quality level and deliver the defined feature set that would give BaseBox a good starting position with the early adopters. This defined feature set will be the basic feature set – the one that will provide the value for the users and make them want to use the product. From there on, BaseBox will be able to move into phase 2: building on top of the existing foundations, broadening feature set and acquiring third-party integrations.


The BaseBox application is now a secure and scalable platform that allows non-technical users to create data-driven applications and host them in the cloud. BaseBox is ready to scale up because of the architecture of the application, the security and the possibility of integrating with third parties because of the public-facing API. BaseBox is now ready on all fronts, to be used worldwide.


BaseBox recognized Typeqast as a partner who can help them deliver good quality code and cloud architecture that will be a solid foundation for executing the first phase of their business plan and expected future growth. Also, they have chosen Typeqast to ensure an agile and well-rounded solution by employing the team with the knowledge that covers cutting edge tech solutions, project leading, development, and infrastructure.