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Service App
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Service App is a brand new and fast-growing Dutch IT company. A client of theirs is a Dutch property management company managing half a thousand properties in a very dynamic Dutch property market. The company deals with numerous property owners, tenants, caretakers and service providers on a daily basis to keep all the properties occupied, appliances working, and the owners and tenants happy.


The biggest challenge the company is facing is the daily coordination and communication with all the tenants, property owners, caretakers and service providers. The data is stored in datasheets, communication is done through emails, calls, and messages. Because of the absence of system order, the company is losing a lot of time on catching up and connecting and coordinating people (tenants with service providers, service providers with property owners) instead of investing that time into business growth and employee personal development.


After a workshop and a project kick-off with the client, a vision of a solution was agreed upon and one of Typeqast’s specialized teams started working on building the Get Service App web application. Not just any team of IT experts but an Agile Team, full of highly skilled IT professionals. The appointed Product Owner of the client worked together with the Agile Team, in sprints, towards the solution. Part of this solution was building a chat function in the app, to make the lines of communication as short and easy as possible. To keep all data securely in the cloud, without interfering with the business procedures, the Agile Team build a React web app with a .NET scalable backend API running in AWS. This way, all business challenges were tackled.


The smart Get Service App web application provides a safe and clean overview of the data through the user dashboard, enables a simple communication channel for all users and roles and notifies users when there is something that needs follow up. The data is stored safely in the cloud. Now, company management can finally focus on business development and not worry about data security, communication issues, connecting people and finding solutions for individual property issues. An intuitive, simple and smart solution – and a big win for all parties concerned.


Typeqast proved to be a perfect partner for Service App because of the expertise in building custom made software solutions from the ground and moving them from green-field phase to live, production and commercial life. The result was amazing.