We mastered agility. We got the brains. Bring creativity. We ensure ingenuity.

For the sake of your success!

The Value in Being Small

We believe our strength lies in our size. With only ca. 100 team members, we are big enough to serve but small enough to get to know you.

Our personal approach and agility make all the difference. Size does matter!

Only the Best is Good Enough

We deploy only the best professionals in the industry. Quality, dedication as well as the flexibility to scale up or down as the project demands is our top-priority. We simply don’t settle for less!

You Can Succeed Near-Shore

Our near-shoring model is an affordable alternative to your struggle to get your projects done on-shore. Our dedicated development teams work in Croatia and provide the best-in-class service. Bring your projects to the next level the international way!

With agility, our dedicated teams provide:

Business Development and Analysis

All our projects are built on analyzing your business and creating detailed roadmaps, which are agile and flexible to make sure they grow as your business grows.

Creative UI/UX Design

Looks are everything! Our UI/UX designers create clean and modern interfaces that work and keep you ahead of the competition.

Agile Software Development

Be unique in your business! We build high-quality, custom and unique software to support your processes and grow your business.

Quality Assurance

Get quality, provide quality! Our team of dedicated QA analysts guarantees our software meets the highest quality standards, so you can in turn deliver quality to your customers.

Application and System Management

Smooth operators! We make sure that your applications and underlying systems continue to operate free of lags and hiccups.

Cloud Engineering

Get your head in the clouds! We design scalable cloud architecture for public cloud platforms, so your applications and data are available at any time, from anywhere.

Project Management

Stay on top of progress! With our experienced and dedicated project managers, we make sure your projects run on time meet the agreed deliverables.

Team as a Service

Outsourcing doesn’t have to mean a lack of engagement, low quality and a large series of miscommunications. Let us present the alternative to you: highly skilled IT professionals with an extremely good work ethic, customer-focus phenomenal and excellent level of communication and education.

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