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Jumbo is one of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands. They pride themselves on fresh and fast deliveries with a large collection of groceries at affordable prices. La Place, known for its restaurants in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Indonesia and the United States, is part of Jumbo.


La Place, a Dutch restaurant chain owned by Jumbo desperately needed an upgrade of their existing systems that were built on old standards and technologies. The task at hand was to design and build intuitive user experiences accessible across all these locations with full tracking and support for supply chains, inventories, recipes, nutritional profiles, and more! The solution had to support a wide range of devices – from tablets to desktops.


As is typical at Typeqast, we first sent a product and engineering strike team to the stakeholders to collect all the information needed to execute the project. This includes context and essential information about why this product needed to be built at this time, what are the long-term goals for this service, and what exactly needed to be built. Once this knowledge transfer is done, we assembled a custom-built team for the task at hand. Our team consisted of a Product Team Lead, UI/UX designer, Data Analyst, Quality Engineer and multiple developers. We then agreed on a process with the clients and began rapid delivery when new features were built. Delivery happens on a weekly basis in order to facilitate rapid iteration with feedback from all stakeholders involved.


We are proud to have built a highly performant, multi-modal application running on iPads, Android tablets and various desktop browser environments with industry-standard authentication support needed for a big enterprise such as Jumbo. We integrated with the existing infrastructure providers and provided custom solutions for deployment and maintenance of the application and data. With smooth animations and an extreme attention to detail, Jumbo was happy to realize even large-scale systems with complicated logic and data needs can be a treat for both the business users and customers.