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Quickparking offers inexpensive parking locations and shuttle services to and from 12 large airports in Belgium, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands, including Schiphol. Thousands of travelers make use of the parking services each day.


Quickparking wants a new website, supported by a new and advanced reservation platform for private customers and travel organisations Links with IT systems and better/newer applications and interfaces are needed to share data easily with hundreds of large travel organisations.


Our new reservation platform is the foundation of our company, upon which all of our services are built. Not only must our customers be able to book easily and rely on our services when they arrive at the car park, but our more than 200 drivers also need all sorts of digital tools. They need to know how many customers are waiting for them and for how long, whether they have paid in advance and from which terminal they are departing. All of this information is integrated and linked in our new platform. And it is built in such a way that, over the coming years, we will be able to configure all sorts of smart applications and AI solutions in the system to improve our services even further. RESULT The exact figures are not yet known but we expect the new platform to save us 20 to 25% on operational labor and shuttle costs through better planning, among other improvements. Approximately 50% of customer demand by phone or mail is now handled automatically. And our service to customers is also improving substantially. Travel organisations need to do much less to make use of our services and end users are better directed during the booking process and while parking their cars. And significantly: although we are making much more use of IT services, our IT costs have fallen by 35%.


We work with a single, fixed team, which consists of our own project team in the Netherlands and a design and development team in Croatia. Communication lines are short. Each day starts with a stand-up meeting via Google Hangouts. Furthermore, we work according to the scrum methodology in two-week sprints. All requirements and planning are included in the ticket system and all results are visible to everyone in the cloud. The Dutch and Croatian teams ‘speak the same language’, which means that the collaboration is perfectly aligned. And that’s nice because it produces solutions with which we are very satisfied without the need for additional project co-ordination.


New construction and development of the website in Java Accessible API connections in Azure .Net micro-services, front-end applications and .Net back-end services Various applications based on AI Custom design.