Our clients come from many different industries. From travel and hospitality to the finance sector, insurance companies, energy, heavy industry and many more. Our team of business analysists and product owners can help transform any business and keep it on the edge of technology.

Quick parking

Booking platform for airport parking, built on highly available and scalable application infrastructure, handling thousands of bookings per day with integration with on-site physical barriers and payment devices. A platform is running 100% in AWS cloud environment and is powered by a range of .NET and JavaScript components in the backend and frontend.


Platform for flower trading and distribution for a client operating in Aalsmeer flower market, the biggest one in the world. The platform consists of a number of backend data processing services and ERP system, handling daily inventories with tens of thousands of individual items. Also, several eCommerce websites allow end customers to buy flowers directly from the market. The technology behind the platform is various PHP backend frameworks and frontend websites.

Boat Bike Tours

Booking and payment management system for river cruising, allowing the client to transform their business and become a leader in the field. The platform handles hundreds of tours, operated throughout Europe, allowing end customers and business partners to handle bookings and payments via API integration or public-facing website.

The IT Solutions – Servicehouse

Helping the client transform their legacy system for energy trading into modern microservices platform built around hexagon architecture and state of the art technology. Powering the platform is a range of Java services and React frontend web applications.


One of the goals of Secuswiss business is to stay on the edge by automating all of their sales and maintenance operations. We are helping them integrate all of their tools and applications into a fully automated workflow that runs their business from the inside.

  • Typeqast makes use of motivated Croatian professionals. They do exactly the same things as Dutch developers but at a more favorable rate.

    Albert Weerman

    Director of Quickparking

  • As a business owner, you want an ICT service provider that understands your business, is proactive and able to adapt.

    Laurens Winkel

    Director of Boat Bike Tours

  • Our new e-commerce platform puts us years ahead of our competitors.

    Reinier Weerman

    Director of M.J. Weerman Bloemengroothandel

  • With Typeqast, you have a single point of contact throughout the entire project, who is always available.

    Naomi van Hijfte

    General Manager of Secuswiss

  • Typeqast supplies professionals and we even have a say in the selection and composition of the development teams.

    Meindert Prins

    Director of The IT Solutions

Who we are

Typeqast is a creative technology company dedicated to building relevant digital products for your business. As a partner to our clients, we help businesses update or improve existing products in response to new opportunities and evolving market needs. Our teams work remotely and provide the best-in-class methods in agile software development.

What we do

Digital transformation services make our partners move faster than the competition. Unlocking business growth for fast-paced and ambitious companies that don't want to waste time and money.