With Typeqast, you have a single point of contact throughout the entire project, who is always available.

Naomi van Hijfte, general manager Secuswiss

“Secuswiss sells its alarm systems via its website, as well as house-to-house by specially trained experts. Individual customers can subscribe to our service for as little as 1 euro per day. A small amount but that does not mean that customers can expect a sub-optimal service. Our website plays an important role. It provides a large proportion of our customer service. With the enormous growth of our customer base, we saw that the original design was no longer functioning as well. In addition, we wanted a new look and feel to the website.”


We wanted a new design but without making huge changes to the existing functionality. And considering the costs and delivery time, we did not wish to invest in the original website builder. We were put in touch with Typeqast: a no-nonsense company that thinks in terms of solutions and delivers quickly, we were told. We explained our requirements in a single discussion and a week later we received a completely new UX design.


The design was an excellent translation of our wishes and requirements. Our customer service is once again functioning optimally and can handle even more growth: the website guides customers much better to information relevant to them. Due to the quality and speed of its service provision, we invited Typeqast to take on another, more complex project. Namely, the connection of various systems, such as sales applications, CRM and bookkeeping, in order to optimise sales and customer processing. The aim of this is less duplication of work and fewer administrative errors.


With Typeqast, you are assigned a project manager on day one, who understands us and our underlying technology. He is always available and perfectly translates our wishes and requirements to the design team in Croatia. Nothing is a problem, everything is possible and the company assumes 100% responsibility. In order to link the various ICT systems, the project manager also consulted with the builders of the original systems and applications on our behalf. This will ensure that we end up with an elegant solution instead of a monstrosity of connected systems.

Customer profile

Secuswiss sells wireless alarm systems that are simple to remotely control via an app on your smartphone. The alarm system consists of a control panel, motion detectors, cameras and a virtual emergency centre. Secuswiss has connections throughout Europe.

Project motivation

  • The enormous growth in the number of systems sold
  • Sales and customer service website restricting growth
  • The website needed to be refreshed

Technical solution

  • UX design
  • New website design
  • Adjustments to functionality

Project result

  • Design within one week
  • Lower price than the competition
  • Single point of contact throughout the project

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