Typeqast supplies professionals and we even have a say in the selection and composition of the development teams.

Meindert Prins, The IT Solutions director

“The IT Solutions supplies hybrid teams of software developers to various clients in the Netherlands. One of our clients is ServiceHouse, an innovative, service-oriented company in the field of sustainable energy and mobility. ServiceHouse is busy building a second-generation customer platform, through which energy producers can generate extra income and strengthen their customer relations. The IT Solutions supplied all three teams to ServiceHouse and was looking for more capacity.”


The new platform is a further developed and scaled-up version of an existing platform. Because more and more companies and their customers are using the platform, services are continually being added, functionalities developed and process automated. A lot of work. Our attention was drawn to Typeqast. One of its teams is now working on Payment & Collection functionality, which links payments to unpaid bills as part of the invoicing process. Among other things, the platform handles automatic payments made by 40,000 energy customers.


The development of new functionality is a lengthy process. It is therefore important to work with a fixed and committed team, to keep the knowledge and experience gained within the project. The project is not yet completed but we – and
our client – are very satisfied with the results so far. The nice thing is that we can influence the selection and composition of the team ourselves. The quality and professionalism of the Typeqast staff cannot be faulted. Partly as a result of this, we are now busy putting a second Typeqast team to work for ServiceHouse.


We work with hybrid teams. This means that part of the team works with the client and another part works abroad. The product owner at the client is the intermediary between the client and the development team. Typeqast supplies a Croatian team and a product owner to ServiceHouse. Together with the team, the product owner translates the client’s wishes and requirements into a design. Each day begins with a stand-up video-conferencing meeting. The work on the functionality is performed in two-week sprints. Contact with ServiceHouse is very good, thanks to the daily interaction and short communication lines.

Customer profile

Amersfoort-based company The IT Solutions supplies hybrid teams for software development. Important clients include financial technology (fintech) companies and start-ups, such as ServiceHouse, a subsidiary of PON.

Project motivation

  • More capacity needed due to clients’ growth ambitions
  • Expansion of the number of ServiceHouse development teams supplied via The IT Solutions’ hybrid service model

Technical solution

  • Further development of energy platform
  • New functionality for Payment & Collection system
  • Continuous automation processes

Project result

  • Good collaboration, committed professionals
  • Short communication lines, fast results

How we work

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Our clients

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