Our new e-commerce platform puts us years ahead of our competitors.

Reinier Weerman, director M.J. Weerman Bloemengroothandel

“Until I took over the company, we were a traditional flower wholesaler with the largest portion of our turnover coming from exports. Around 75% of our sales are made via our webshop. The webshop was outdated, however, just like those of our competitors. Customers could see an enormous list of flowers and plants from which to choose using only a limited number of filters. Not very customer-friendly. Our new platform reduces the ordering time for our customers, promotes cross-selling and we offer detailed lists abroad with the possibility to purchase directly from us. The latter point puts us on par with developments in many other business sectors, in cutting out unnecessary links: in this case, foreign wholesalers.”


Since I took charge, it has been my goal to develop simply the best webshop in the world. Such an ambitious custom-made project, during which we wanted to keep track of the design and building process, proved to be unaffordable in the Netherlands – we did try. Eventually, we ended up with Typeqast. Based on Magento Open Source, Typeqast built an e-commerce platform for us with a lovely and very customer-friendly user interface. A customer that starts the ordering process sees only the products that are relevant to them because the platform and our ERP system are connected via a ‘smart’ database.


In less than six months, the constructors in Croatia have succeeded in putting together what Dutch developers were unable to achieve over the previous two years. And for a much lower price. The time customers spend ordering has been significantly reduced, because we are able to present a selection that is more than relevant, based on historical purchasing behavior. At the same time, our turnover has increased through cross-selling. All details entered by customers and the choices they make are (automatically) analysed and used to improve our service provision.


After an initial introduction, we started by holding a number of strategic meetings. These were very important because we wanted to discuss which strategy to implement and how a project could contribute to this. Typeqast works in two-week ‘sprints’, during which a partial solution of the project as a whole is delivered and tested. These short sprints are followed by a formal go/no-go decision on our side. In the meantime, we were kept
informed about the progress of the project via various communication channels. We had a single point of contact but could also contact the construction team directly. A great way of working and now we can continue to develop without high costs, which gives us a big advantage over our competitors.

Customer profile

M.J. Weerman Bloemengroothandel has been in business since 1946 and is one of the bigger players in the
flower and plant
wholesale sector. The company mainly sells cut flowers and plants. Of these, 80% are sent abroad
to other wholesalers) and 20% are sold in the Netherlands (via cash & carry).

Project motivation

  • Existing webshop out of date
  • Dependent upon ERP provider for webshop development, so no differentiation possible
  • No possibility for customer differentiation
  • Enormous potential for cross-selling

Technical solution

  • Database linked to AI
  • State-of-the-art e-commerce platform (based on Magento)
  • API integration: complex connections with various back-end systems (orders/bookkeeping)

Project result

  • A tailor-made solution on a limited budget
  • Smart use of open source

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