Taking your business-critical applications to a future proof environment

In today’s world, business opportunities are driven by technological advancements.

Whether your business is travel, hospitality, finance, insurance, energy or heavy industry, we enable you to be a leader in the fast-changing digital economy.

To gain and keep a competitive advantage against your competition, you need cloud computing as the most available and scalable application infrastructure. Cloud technology will translate your business strategies and policies into effective workflows.

Cloud computing is the answer to issues with data security, privacy, legislation, costs and the complexity of software integration. With Typeqast as a partner, you can benefit from all the advantages of cloud computing, without sacrificing security and reliability. Cloud allows you to invest your money in an agile way, with no upfront investments, without a need to plan capacity in advance and by increasing your costs just-in-time as your business grows. Since you are not bound by the burden of infrastructure, cloud also allows you to innovate and experiment rapidly, with just a fraction of the cost compared to doing it in your own data center. You can fully focus on business problems and leave fundamental services like compute, storage, security, database, analysis to be managed by someone else.

Where traditional IT providers are relatively expensive, inflexible and lack client focus, Typeqast can quickly create and manage the right type and size of cloud infrastructure to help you meet your business goals.

We have the ability to attract the best and smartest IT engineers from near-shore European locations. If you can’t find them at Typeqast, you won’t find them anywhere on the market.

Sonja Meijerink, CEO

6 reasons to choose Typeqast as your cloud engineering provider

  • Highly efficient, budget-friendly sourcing of technology expertise from near-shore locations.

  • Access to off-the-shelf blueprints for configuring platforms, complying with Privacy and Data Governance rules.

  • No need to invest in IT training or hiring additional new staff.

  • We can provide 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of your live mission-critical systems

  • We organize our projects using intelligent and proven effective Agile, Scrum, and DevOps methodologies.

  • We can easily follow your growth, our teams and our infrastructures grow as your business grows

Your transfer to the cloud

If you are already running a mission-critical application in your own datacentres and evaluating migration to the cloud, we can help you decide. From vision to implementation, we help you plan and execute lift-and-shift migrations into the cloud.

Faster and safer than anyone else.

We are not boasting. We know a data-driven migration to the cloud is a complex project. We understand what needs to be done to maintain, manage and consolidate existing data and crucial workflows.

And talking about complexity… in 60% of cloud migration projects, we have to integrate legacy systems into the mix of business-critical applications.

Typeqast will help you transform your IT environment into a hyper-effective cloud-based environment by providing migration training, strategic consultancy, and engineering.

Choose a cloud. Choose Typeqast

  • Booking platform for airport parking, built on highly available and scalable application infrastructure, handling thousands of bookings per day with integration with on-site physical barriers and payment devices. A platform is running 100% in AWS cloud environment and is powered by a range of .NET and JavaScript components in the backend and frontend.

    Quick parking

  • One of the goals of Secuswiss business is to stay on the edge by automating all of their sales and maintenance operations. We are helping them integrate all of their tools and applications into a fully automated workflow that runs their business from the inside.


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